Manlift Rental For Less

Need a manlift rental for long or short term? makes renting a manlift easy for any type of business. In just a few minutes you can start comparing rates or pick up the phone to talk to an experienced agent ready to help with your unique rental needs. Maybe you need a 50 foot boom manlift rental to fix a sign or a 19 foot scissor manlift rental to hang some warehouse lighting. Whatever your specific needs, US Manlift is here to match you with the daily, weekly, monthly (and rent to own) options that make the most sense for you.

Manlift Rental Pricing Guide

The first questions customers ask when looking to rent a manlift is inevitably about price. We know our customers are cost conscious and that is why we help them compare rental rates, but the more informed they are the better decisions they will make. See below for our manlift rental pricing guide:

  • Delivery Costs - You will always need to factor in delivery costs which for scissor manlifts will cost from $100 to $200 each way, and for boom manlifts $125 to $250 each way.
  • Extras - If you need to purchase safety harnesses or other gear, these need to be factored in, most manlift rentals do not come with safety gear.
  • Gas - If you are renting a manlift powered by diesel or gas, the unit will be delivered full, and you will be charged for the refilling. You can save on average 50% of refueling costs by returning the manlift completely full.
  • Scissor Manlift Rental Rates - Smaller scissors (19 foot to 25 foot) will cost from $90 - $140 per day while larger scissor manlift rentals (32 foot to 40 foot) will cost from $150 - $290.
  • Boom Manlift Rental Rates - You have a lot of options when renting a boom manlift including 2 wheel drive vs. 4 wheel drive, rough terrain vs. standard, articulating vs. telescopic, which will all factor into the rate you receive. Our estimated rates are simply averages of these variables and your actual rates will also depend on your job location and equipment availability. Smaller boom manlift rentals of 30 feet to 50 feet will cost from $200 - $450 per day and $1,500 - $2,000 per month. Larger lifts from 55 feet to 85 feet jump up to $350 - $850 per day and to $2,500 - $5,500 per month.
  • State & Local Taxes - Many manlift rental quote should have state and local taxes included in the total. This is very important for when you are comparing prices, as these charges can total and additional 9% of the rental in some areas. Also make sure that any toll charges or miscellaneous charges are included.