Reconditioned Used Manlifts For Sale

Finding a fully reconditioned used manlift for sale should be easy and is dedicated to helping you with your purchase. Whether you have years of experience purchasing used manlifts or are just looking to browse used manlift prices, we have everything you need under one roof. US Manlifts is ideal for the warehouse manager with multiple locations or the company with a fleet of manlifts that constantly needs to be restocked. We allow you to compare pricing on any size and type of used manlift in each area you service in under ten minutes. Best of all, we make sure that you only buy from a dealer with a solid reputation. This is critical when purchasing a used manlift, as you want to be able to turn to the seller in the event your machine breaks down.

How To Save When Buying A Used Man Lift

Most people choose a used manlift vs. a new one strictly for the price. Follow our tips and you can save money and be sure to be satisfied with your purchase.

Match your fleet - If you already own multiple manlifts, we recommend to match your fleet buy buying a used manlift in the same brand and size category (if possible). This allows customers to take advantage of multiple efficiencies including reducing in-house technician and operator learning curves and time savings when dealing with warranty or parts issues.

Negotiate - The prices of used manlifts are more negotiable than new ones, which are more rigidly set by manufacturers. Of course, negotiations are only useful if you have fallback options so be sure to find at least three used manlifts that match all of your requirements. If the seller won't move on the price, they will often be more willing to add years to a warranty, or offer ongoing service at discounted rates, or even throw in discounts for future purchases.

Authorized dealers - If you have your own manlift technicians who are fully capable of fixing and evaluating the condition of a used manlift then it may make sense to purchase from an individual or small business trying to get rid of an old lift. However, for the typical business, recommends buying from manufacturer authorized dealers. These dealers typically have standard and very thorough reconditioning processes, and are specially trained to repair and refurbish that particular type of manlift. This is not to say you will never get a used manlift with problems from a dealer, but your chances are significantly reduced.